Residential Care

Dementia Care

Residential Care

Our senior care home in Gateshead offers residential care within a warm, safe and friendly environment.

Our 24-hour personal and practical support is provided by well-trained, caring staff and is designed to ensure you continue to enjoy maximum independence as well as peace of mind, knowing that help is always at hand.

We endeavour to meet every individuals personal circumstances and lifestyle preferences whilst maintaining and enhancing their quality of life.

Privacy and choice are high on our priority list. We understand and respect that the majority of older people value keeping their independence. Our carers work with residents to ensure that their care encompasses every aspect of wellbeing and their care needs are continually met.

Staying ActiveSenior Care Home in Gateshead, Wardley Gate

Being interested in what is going on and taking part in fun activities is a vital part of life. Our approach to residential care in Wardley Gate focuses on offering a stimulating range of activities which are designed to reflect the wishes and interests of our residents and help them maintain close bonds with their local community.

Our senior care home in Gateshead has a dedicated Activities Co-ordinator who arranges a variety of opportunities for our residents to enjoy daily activities in the home as well as in the local area. We encourage activities that enhance our residents’ lifestyle, hobbies, health and wellbeing. These can range from day trips to leisure facilities and places of interest, to arts, crafts, games and social events in the home.

Health and Personal Care

We work together with a number of health and social care professionals who either visit our homes on a regular basis or who will make visits by arrangement. These include the local GP, district nurse, dentist, optician, physiotherapist, chiropodist and holistic therapists.

Freshly Cooked Meals

Mealtimes are a social and enjoyable time of the day and central to our residential care.
All our menus offer freshly cooked, appetising and nutritionally balanced meals with a different seasonal choice every day.

The Right People

Our dedicated care team at Wardley Gate undergo intensive training and are required to complete QCF (Quality care framework) qualifications.

Residents and their relatives can have peace of mind that our residential care is delivered by well qualified, welcoming, and caring professional staff.

Our aim is to provide an environment where our residents feel at home with the benefit of having all their individual care needs respected and supported.

Change in Circumstances

If a resident or their family feels their level of care may change in the future, Wardley Gate also offers specialist care for dementia. This offers peace of mind for residents concerned that their needs might change in the future and do not want to be uprooted from their familiar surroundings and friends to change to a different care home.