COVID-19 Protocols

Protocols Pink Square Our COVID-19 Protocols

“I would like to thank all of the team at Wardley Gate for keeping my Mam safe and well during these hard times. Their hard work and dedication is very appreciated.” Gillian N, Daughter of Margaret A
Our residents safety and wellbeing is our top priority and we have had a robust and comprehensive response to the Coronavirus throughout the Pandemic. Our staff protect the health of your loved ones. We are tested each week using both PCR and Lateral Flow tests.
Following Government protocols our residents are tested every 28 days using PCR tests.
We strongly encourage our staff to receive the COVID-19 vaccine to continue to protect themselves and those around them. 86% of our staff at Wardleygate have had their vaccination.  We are waiting for further Government Guidance.
Our priority is to ensure the our residents remain safe when visited by their loved ones. We have numerous allocated areas including both inside and outside of our Home to create comfort as well as ensuring safety for a good quality and risk-free visit. All visiting is for 30 minutes.  Booked by calling our Home Administrator on 0191 469 9110. To find out more about visiting at Wardley Gate click HERE.